For Immediate Release:

First Annual Smoketree Road RaceFirst Annual Smoketree Road Race a Success
Lenz Wins Weight Class, Age Class, and Overall Title

July 5, 2006 (Tucker)–On independence day, area man John Lenz organized and
was the winner of the First Annual Smoketree Road Race. The fun-filled
Peachtree alternative kicked off a day of festivities for the Lenz family.

“I am proud to say that I ran a mile and a half in a little over 15:47.”
Said Lenz. “What a great way to celebrate Independence Day, as well as
independence from running 6.2 long, hot miles in the Peachtree.”

All participants received a t-shirt that featured a design that captures the
spirit of the race–a skeleton smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer while
running. Scott Sanders of Decatur was the artist.

“I remember the old days when the Peachtree was more than just a race–it
was an event. A fun event. An event that didn’t take up the whole morning
with running. That’s what I want the Smoketree to become,” said Lenz.

“Maybe next year somebody else will participate with me.” he added.

Shirts are available for sale here:
Profits from shirt sales will be donated to the Smoketree Homeowners

To sign up for next year’s event or for more information, please visit

Interviews available upon request. For more information, call (404)


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