Steve’s Bored of Directors

Minister of Defense:
Mr. Wesley S. Freeman

Wesley Freeman, born at a young age, enjoys Toyota trucks, making sculpture, graphically designing things, fly fishing, firearms, carbs from various starches, his wife Megan, his wonderful child India, beards on men, the Stones album Goats Head Soup, The University of Georgia, Hot Pockets, Elvis Costello, the Engine Room (RIP), making things sexy, french fries with his pork products, painting, talking a lot when he drinks brown liquor, sausage, WWII, and fine meats and cheeses. He is amused by the simplicity of this game, he is the King of all he surveys. He doesn’t trust a big butt and a smile. Recognize!


5 thoughts on “Steve’s Bored of Directors”

  1. I have but one question – Where IS Steve’s?

    I love Hot Dogs! Whoever doesn’t, isn’t American. Maybe I will see Steve’s Hot Dogs stand at the bookapalooza. I sure hope so.

  2. Any way to get your blog delivered to my inbox?
    you’ve got kick-ass recipes and wonderful commentary!
    (love the “wine selections” at the ends of the posts!)

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